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Guidance Through Stressful Estate Administration And Probate

For executors, administrators, beneficiaries and other loved ones of a recently deceased person, administration and probate are difficult challenges to confront. First, there is your underlying grief at having lost someone close to you. Then, there are the complicated bureaucratic procedures with which you are not familiar.

I understand what you are going through because I have helped hundreds of people in your shoes. My name is Steven Wandrei. I serve clients throughout Central Virginia at the family-owned law firm of Radford & Wandrei, P.C. You can rely on me to alleviate the stress of estate administration and probate during this difficult time.

What To Understand About Probate

Probate is a very broad process that varies from estate to estate. Generally, though, the procedures follow the same structure. In probate, the court will:

  • Validate the decedent’s will
  • Distribute asset to beneficiaries
  • Designate an administrator if the decedent did not name an executor
  • Follow the Commonwealth’s laws to identify heirs if the decedent died intestate (without a will)
  • Pay the decedent’s outstanding debts

Probate can take anywhere from a few weeks to one or more years for very complex estates. The best chance you have of ensuring the process goes smoothly and quickly is to work with a knowledgeable probate lawyer. You can also help your family avoid probate when you die by creating a strategic estate plan. Have more questions? Find answers here.

Prepared For Possible Probate Litigation

Sometimes, disputes involving breach of fiduciary duty, will contests and other contentious issues arise during probate. If you find that you might need a probate litigation attorney, I can represent you. As a litigator with many positive verdicts under my belt, you can rely on my experience combined with my compassion.

Simplify Administration And Probate With My Help

The steps of administering an estate or going through probate can seem overwhelming. They do not have to be when you have me to guide you. When you are ready, reach out to Radford & Wandrei, P.C., to schedule an initial consultation about your legal needs. Call 540-999-4272 or send me an email.