Treating Your Family’s Legal Needs Like My Own

Radford & Wandrei, P.C., is a family-owned law firm that provides Bedford County residents with assistance in finding legal solutions that positively impact their lives. I am attorney Steven Wandrei, and I use my almost 20 years of experience to make my community a better place to live.

A Family-Run Estate Planning Firm Since 1968

Your Estate Planning And Administration Needs Are Personal

An estate represents all your or your loved one’s belongings. In a sense, it is your life, or what remains of it when you pass. It makes sense, then, that planning and administering estates are often highly emotional moments in our lives. As you consider your options, I encourage you to contact me so that I can help guide you to the right answers and give you the personal care you deserve.

Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Estate law is complicated, and creating a plan that fits your unique situation and needs can take time and detail-oriented work. My goal is to help you move forward with a personally crafted legal plan that answers important questions like:

  • Is your property best protected by a will or a trust?
  • Which loved ones should receive which assets?
  • How do you accommodate for charitable giving from your estate?
  • What should happen if your estate goes to litigation?
  • Is the right person named as the executor of your estate?

A well-crafted estate plan is a gift of love. Give your loved ones and yourself peace of mind that when you are gone, your wishes are clear.

Helping Those Left Behind

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